About Kareem GaD

Since childhood, his curiosity about the art led him to discover and study the art of singing, music, poetry, percussion ,acting and dance.
Summary Biography with the dance:
Dancer solo at the official troupe of the Egyptian Ministry of youth.
Coach and assistant choreographer in the same troupe.
Dancer solo at Egyptian national theatre.
Member of the teachers team and responsible for the Department of Folklore and belly dancing in Tawasol Foundation of Arts.
Joined the contemporary dance school in Cairo opera house.
Owner & choreographer for Kareem Gad’s dance troupe for middle eastern dance art.
choreographer for the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts’s Graduation Projects in the Egyptian academy of arts.
Choreographer and director for many events, festivals and celebration In all the Arab world.
Co-director Of Bell’Masry Dance company.
Kareem have been danced in most of the the Egyptian theaters and the grand theater of Cairo Opera house.
choreographed and danced for the Egyptian TV series and films production and video clips.
Taught and danced in many festivals and events around the world.
Kareem introduce for the theater a lot of theatrical dramatic shows between the modern , contemporary and oriental dance in general.
Kareem had his Bachelor of Arts and the history of the civilizations of ancient and modern Near East and introduce a lot of researches for the Egyptian folkloric heritage and oriental dance (history, music , dance).
Kareem now created his theatrical ways for his dance shows.
His choreographies known by the creativity and the rich details all over the oriental dance world.