About Taly

Taly is a complete artist that mixes oriental dance dancer caps, teacher and choreographer. She has been dancing since the age of 4 years. She tasted the joys of various arts and sport with modern dance performances, synchronized swimming, Rhythmic Gymnastics, figure skating.

She meets oriental dance in 1996 during its curriculum through an after-school workshop of his college (hosted by Babeth which continues today with the combination Mayeba). Traditionally attracted sun dances, it is in oriental dance grace, refinement and sublimation of femininity.

His training is continuous from his childhood until today. She believes that we never stop learning and always takes pleasure every day to feed her look and her new body, by constant research and lifelong learning.

She attended assiduously oriental dance and salsa lessons, and dotted, she approached the contemporary, modern, dancehall and hip hop.


Parallel to his dance career, it remains close to the arts in their school careers with a curriculum around the art history in high school and a Faculty of Fine Arts in Paris 1.


His training in oriental dance is the fruit of a long eclectic career. It is not the continuity of a school, but the synthesis of what his body has learned lessons from its different teachers, to which she added her style. His principal teachers were : Djamila Henni-Cheb (Lyon), Randa Kamel (Egypt), Lulu Sabongi (Brazil), Yousry Sharif (New York), et Approach Rejichi (Paris). She enriched the style of many teachers through internships : Beata et Horacio (Germany), Tito (Egypt), Hassaan Saber (Egypt), You (Paris), Orit Maftsir (Israel), Assia Guemra (Paris), Anasma (Paris), FatchanceBellydance (USA), Serena et Hossam Ramzy (Egypte/UK), Leila Now (Paris), Raphaelle (Paris), Virginia Mendes (USA), Raquia Hassan (Egypt), Fanyda (Paris), Khaled Mahmoud (Egypte/UK), Aziza (Egypt), your (Egypt), Rachel Brice (USA), Mohamed Shahin (Egypt / USA), Momo Kadous (Egypt) … and many others.


Right out of adolescence, she began riding dance groups or join incumbents (Vouka company, Parfum d'Orient, Naga Company, Yacambo DC …). In 2007, It was notably one of the creators of the Es'Saada company with dancers who have all since taken off the scene of the French oriental dance (Yaël Zarca, Aya, Bina, ciya, et Sonia Shaane).


from 2003, she began giving regular classes in Ile de France. His pedagogy is appreciated by his students which led him to be invited to give courses in province (Nancy, Lorient, Stella Plage, Poitiers, Toulouse, Châteauroux, Little …), and abroad (Singapore, Malta, Egypt …) . She knows how to be patient, Listening to all, and motivating. She likes to take all his students in his sight projects. Course content reflects what she does on stage : she appreciates as much the most traditional dances as the most daring fusions.

She has since danced in many public and private events in France and abroad (Morocco, Puerto Rico, Algeria, USA, Cancun, Belgium …), as well as in television broadcasts (Chabada on France 3, Hands off my post with Cyril Hanouna, Birthday Line Renaud on TF1).

Always full of projects and ideas, it has also become organizer and producer of events. Among these, she made it a habit to schedule a trip to Cairo every year since 2008 to take enthusiasts to discover the essence of this dance.

She is also the artistic director of the eastern evening organized all 2 years Mee Sur Seine in the great theater of the Mas which combine professional artists and students Taly around a concept : “Ode to mother goddesses” (2010), “Kesset El Sahara” (2012), “Dayret El hayah” (2014).

In 2011, she had an encounter that will change the course of his life. His path leads him to cross that of Kareem GaD, who becomes his partner in life and on stage and with whom she stands in Bell'Masry Company 2013.

Ensemble, they create and produce the show "Ramy and Julietta, Lovers of Cairo ", they present the mythical Bobino Theater in Paris.

In 2013, it goes with Semsemah (Paris famous belly dancer) the "Ya Eshtah Eshta" festival honoring the Egyptian folklore and oriental dance. With an international line, The festival spans 4 day and offers a unique show, internships, a conference, an open stage, and an oriental souk.