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La Compagnie Bell’Masry again offer the opportunity to integrate their choreographic workshop for the season 2020/2021 to present quality choreography for shows and festivals.

New scenes and new projects are planned for next season. This is the time to integrate the choreography workshop Coy Bell'Masry !


- You want to challenge yourself ? You want to challenge ?

- You have a good level of oriental dance and you want to improve yourself?

- You dream of integrating a dance company combines rigor and friendliness ?

- You are ready to repeat to perfection ?

- You want to get into a creative world open to contemporary expression and Egyptian folklore ?

- Want to be part of the team Bell'Masry ?


Requirements for stand :

- Good level in Oriental dance and Egyptian folklore

- Good general level dance

- Attendance at training

- To be autonomous to repeat outside the shop during the

- Human Quality : Team spirit and solidarity, seriousness and motivation, investment, and adaptability

– NB : As part of this workshop, fervent, choreographer, looking for dancers to move in groups, not soloists.


To integrate this workshop, a cast on Monday 10 September 2018 à 21h. The number of places in the workshop is limited (between 6 and 12). During casting, you will learn oriental dance sequences, and reproduce, and finally a short dance improvisation on an unknown music. The team then will contact all participants by email to transmit their results. The dancers will be chosen based on their personal qualities and their harmony with other dancers.


DATE CASTING : ON MONDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 2018 in 21H (to present oneself 15 minutes before)

LIEU : CULTURAL CENTER POUYA, 48 quai de Jemmapes, Paris 10

Nominations should be sent by mail to contact@bellmasry.com.

attach pictures + dance CV + motivations and video if possible

Do not introduce yourself without sending an email beforehand.


  • The training will be weekly at a rate of 1:30 per week in September 2018 June 2019.
  • Additional rehearsals dates will be added if necessary.
  • performance dates will be communicated to the dancers As.
  • The dancers will benefit in the workshop of technical training, scenic, and performing.
  • To participate in these workshops, a contribution 530 Euro is fixed for the year in Paris.
  • The dancers will also be able to bear the cost of their costumes (about 150 euros).
  • The workshop Bell'Masry Company with Taly Hanafy in Paris on Monday evening to Pouya Cultural Center in Republic of 21h to 22h30.

For all questions, send mail to contact@bellmasry.com