Want to learn at your own pace ?_MG_9834
You are shy and prefer not to be part of a group ?
collective course times do not suit you ?
You want to get corrections on your practice by renowned professors ?
You want to be evaluated on your level to better understand your needs ?
You want to enjoy a privileged personalized instruction ?

Private lessons in belly dance and coaching is right for you.


At home or in a dance hall, Kareem GaD Taly or give you access to a broad theoretical and practical knowledge. They will give you a professional look to your practice.
The content of tuition is developed individually depending on the student's needs. It takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on demand. 10h Packages also available.

These courses are for beginners, _MG_0070bisintermediaries,advanced and professionals.
The bride can also benefit from this course to learn to dance for her henna and wedding ceremony.

For any, contact team Bell'Masry