(Français) FAQ

How is the inscription in Egyptian dance ?

To register for the course in Paris, must pass the registration form (available under collective courses in Paris) and a photo identification and resolution by hand to the teacher or by mail at the Anahita Association, 21-23 rue Victor Hugo, 94700 Maisons Alfort.

For courses in Seine et Marne, you must call the center concerned.


What is the best outfit for the dance classes ?
You can come with the outfit of your choice taking into account 2 criteria : comfort and readability of the movement for the teacher. This must be able to correct your movement, and therefore see each body part. The outfit must be tight-fitting. You can also purchase GR demi-pointe shoes that make your towers pivots on some soils.
The scarves around the hips are welcome to belly dance coins but not to obstruct the course with sound.


I can get by fine dancing at home with my friends and during weddings, Can I enroll in advanced directly ?
Your facilities in the dance you will probably progress quickly. However, dance requires a precise technique whose bases from beginners are essential. Skip steps would result in gaps. You can come and attend one of our courses to understand what it's like content and you make it a better idea before you sign.