Bell'Masry is a dance company and Egyptian music created in 2013 two living beings by the same passion for the arts : Taly (a native of France) et Kareem GaD (originally from Egypt). Passion by Egypt and its immense cultural heritage, they decided to put their desire and complementarity in common for to honor the legacy of Egyptian performing arts, including dance.


Both have a long career behind them over 10 years. They shared their passion for dance through many countries with their triple dancer caps, teacher and choreographer. They transmit the love of their art with passion through courses and internships. They organize shows, travel and festivals. They are specialists in the history of dance and Egyptian music. They have as much practical knowledge as extensive theoretical. Their new and modern look explores the tradition by presenting the up to date.


Bell'Masry means "by the Egyptian" in literary Arabic. They emphasize the importance of the permanent link to Egypt in the work of the company. The values ​​of Bell'Masry : the feeling of dance and cultural wealth from occupational requirement.


La compagnie propose des cours et stages de danses égyptiennes, shows for the stage and for evenementiel, conferences, festivals, trips …


The shows of Bell'Masry transports you straight in the East with beautiful belly dancers, its dazzling show of whirling dervish (tanoura), Egyptian folklore dances, the snake charmer, fire dancers, and Eastern music orchestra.

Be seduced by the world of Bell'Masry ..