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Egypt is considered one of the most artistically rich countries in the Middle East. She is known throughout the Arab world in particular by its theater and cinema, which were and remain today a powerful vehicle for dissemination of Egyptian culture. As far as it sinks into Egyptian territory, Dance is always present and a large variety of style.

We will share here the Egyptian dance 3 categories : current dances, Oriental Dance, and dances of folklore. We will present the music and costumes examples.

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festivaland Egypt, DJs start to appear about from 1996 and took power from 2000.
There are approximately 6 years and until now, DJs have incorporated all the street parties. There have been developments in As. In the beginning, there was a famous instrumental called "El Mouled" which was played at every party (see video 1 According to the text), and on which the DJ was dedications. Then, Instead of just playing the song, DJs began mixing several pieces together, change the pace, take the sung parts of a song to paste them on another instrumental (see video 2 According to the text). DJs and their mixes have had great success with the likes everywhere. What differentiates this electronic music of the West is the background rhythm remaining Eastern. It is a percussion, often electronic drums. Moreover, it is now a way to have a battery side of the DJ table.
After all these developments, the name of the tune has changed "Mouled" to "Mahragan". This name no longer means only a melody but a genre. Translation from Arabic to French is "festival". Since the famous instrumental Mouled almost disappeared.
The term street Shaabi is not used in Egypt, talking about Shaabi directly or Mahragan.

There is 2 types of songs in Mahragan : the first are the song format with verse and chorus (see video 3 According to the text), the latter are a result of continuous words that jumps from one subject to another mostly (see video 4 According to the text).

Normal SHAABI songs have the difference that they always contain the traditional way to create the songs musically (the same style qu'Adaweya, and now Mahmoud El Lithy).

The STREET SHAABI is a dance style that emerged with the new generations. It is inspired by dances from the West, but the Egyptian touches and shaabi attitudes make an original and unique dance.

You can find in the street SHAABI a touch of break dance, du B –Boying, or Hip Hop. But what is characteristic of this dance is not a typical base, its very Egyptian attitude and arm movements.

There is also the battle of principle from the Hip-Hop. The dance is different when you dance at a party and when participating in a battle. Each dancer is free to use all these skills or not elegant ..., everyone is free to have his own style (see video 5 According to the text).

Another characteristic of this dance, is the use of knife. This allows the dancer to show all his agility, and seem stronger than the other dancers. Several knife sizes can be used, the big machete folding knife with ring. Everyone has their own dance moves depending on the size. And sometimes, you find those dance moves without the knife, just imitation (see video 6 According to the text).

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