ramy_julietta_affiche12-logo_webRAMY AND JULIETTA, Lovers of Cairo

After the success of their legendary theater représentationau Bobino in Paris, you can program “Ramy and Julietta”, Creation of the Company Bell'Masry. A press kit is available on request to contact@bellmasry.com


In Cairo, Ramy and Julietta marry in secret. They would live their love openly, but their families, so different, are longtime enemy.

between joy, trouble, love and rivalry, What future awaits lovers ? What is this mysterious hand of fate that seems to intervene in their lives ?

This creation of new theatrical dance is loosely based on the eternal love story of Romeo and Juliet, where Taly and Kareem GaD (co-directors of the company Bell'Masry) Successful elegantly betting mix the values ​​of traditional Egyptian modernity of the 21st century.


(Français) VIDEO

In this unique show combining folklore dance, Oriental dance, modern dance and contemporary expression, 30 artistes (dancers, musicians, comedians) you prevail in a whirlwind of emotions, making you from laughter to drama ! You will be transported to the bustling streets of Cairo, paintings in rich costumes with bright colors.

(Français) An eternal love story about two feuding families

The family El Halaby, a popular family Métis origins between Upper Egypt (Said) gypsies and people (ghawazi) emigrants in Cairo


The family El Bakry, a family of newly rich in Cairo