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« Two dance teachers worthy of the name.
Grace, the technique, joy to transmit this art : Here are two dance teachers worthy of teaching learning the origin of this dance, its technical, of emotion ... I love ! I love ! 3 year courses and internships with Taly and Kareem GaD, I sign and resigns. thank you. »

«Kareem GaD : Egyptian man show To consume without moderation ! Educational and fun await you. »
Faten Noujoum

"A real discovery ! Listening to his students, Taly is smiling and pep ! It applies to advance each student. The technique, common knowledge and especially the good mood are integral parts of each of its courses 🙂 »

«Kareem Gad, you are my great gentleman of Oriental dance, BRAVO !!! »
Raima Star of the East

«J'A-D-O-R-E ! Courses Taly, this is the kind of course where one spring with a smile from ear to ear ! Besides being a great dancer, its courses are technical and Taly is very pedagogue. His most for me is that it puts everyone at ease and she tells us more about the dancing style. I pass the word ! Go for it "



_DSC0198Bell'Masry courses are held from September to June. The level is progressive throughout the year. Classes begin with a warm up, and learning or revisions movements of the day, followed by a dance or chaining of the current choreography. At the end of the hour, Teachers end up stretching. The three levels of courses (beginner / intermediate / advanced) you will evolve and progress as and the years. The atmosphere of the course is friendly and studious. During the first year, you will learn no bellydance basics, this includes round movements, jerking. You will also learn to move thoughtfully in a dance space, and performing a simple choreography synchronously. The following years, you will learn more technical movements and specify your dancer posture. In As, you will use accessories of oriental dance like the veil or zills (jingles fingers used by oriental dancers). The choreographies become more and more complex in relation to your new abilities.




The objective of the course is to learn the Egyptian dances, which includes the Oriental dance (baladi, raqs sharki, only drum solo ou de percussion), the Egyptian folklore dances (website, Tahtib, dance Alexandria, fellahi, nubien, Gvse, almées, Bedouin, …), and sometimes the dances of the Middle East (Khaleegee, Dabke) but also modern dances as the Eastern pop, the shaabi, street shaabi (Mahrgne) and contemporary mergers. All these dances are approached as and the years spent in the course of Bell'Masry. The current accessories of oriental dance world are also used as choreographies chosen by the teacher : sail, Isis wings, Silk range, cane and stick, Smadan, sagattes, Melaya ...

Teachers also give importance to what the body tells dancing, and often involve the acting, and interpretation to acquire more emotional power as a dancer.

(Français) Eastern dance classes Benefits


belly dance

In our sedentary lives, it is now essential to maintain a physical activity or sport. Dance helps move the body as a whole in a moment of artistic pleasure. It will take you to discover unsuspected parts of your anatomy learning to isolate each part of the body, so all the muscles are solicited including deep muscles. The benefits are both physical and psychological for some people who find dancing a way to rebuild after difficult times. She allows to assertive and explore her femininity.

On the side artistic, you will develop your grace and your musicality. You culturally enrich yourself by learning anecdotes cultural and historical on Egypt, and the Middle East.

(Français) The audience of belly dance classes

Over-children2All ages are welcome in the course of Bell'Masry. According to the Centers, you will find courses for children, adolescents, and adults. Women are the majority in classes, but they get that men wish to learn the dances typical male Egyptian folklore, In this case, we direct the yet to tutoring.

(Français) The recommended holding



In order to be comfortable in your movements and that teachers can correct you Bell'Masry, it is better to come in with soft clothing such as :

Dance Pants or legging

tight Top

slippers of said rhythmic gymnastics ballet shoe

Scarves without sequins (Typical of coins belly dance belts) because of the constant noise, and the poor quality of many belts that end up with sequins underfoot

The outfits show (belly dance costume) are reserved for the end of year gala.

(Français) The Taly teachers and Kareem GaD : an extraordinary torque



Classes are taught by Taly et Kareem GaD, and sometimes by their replacements. Their knowledge is the result of a long journey both practical and theoretical around dances of Egypt. These Teachers are passionate and will send you the love of this art. They are known for their patients adapted pedagogy everyone. They have an eye for detail, the beauty of the gesture, and performance.
The awareness of their experience regularly leads to teach outside their regular courses in the provinces and abroad for specialized events in Eastern dance.
Biographie de fervent
Biography Kareem GaD

(Français) The end of year show



Dance is a visual art to share. At each year end, you can go on stage to have the opportunity and the pleasure of showing the fruit of your learning year Oriental dance. The scene is also the pretext for coating splendid outfits dance the scent of Arabian nights, learning to apply makeup like an artist, and live convivial moments with your dance classes colleagues.

(Français) Most of the Company during the Bell'Masry



– During classes, l’history of Egyptian dance will be explained, and cultural concepts essential for understanding this dance, the songs that you dance, and some Egyptian culture.

– You will also learn the concepts Basic Egyptian music : knowledge of the main instruments and rhythms, developing your musicality.

– For those wishing to deepen their knowledge of Egyptian dances, Bell'Masry offers them annually cultural travel in a foreign country. To know the next trip, appointment in the menu COURSES.

– You will have the opportunity to become belly dancer within the Company Bell'Masry.

(Français) In summary with Bell'Masry, you will be able ...


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Learn belly dancing Egyptian with an effective method (Learning basic bellydance, the basic steps of belly dance, upgrading its level bellydance, how to dance Eastern)

Learn Egyptian folklore dances and the Middle East (Egyptian dance from Upper Egypt (Website), Tahtib, Dance Ghawazee, Dance almées (awalim), Dance ghawazi, Alexandrian dance with Melaya, Nubian dance, Bedouin dance (dont hagalla), Mambooty dance, Dance Fellahi ...)

Eastern dance or learn to recognize and play the main oriental percussion rhythms (Drum Solo)

– Learn belly dancing (old terms) or know the techniques of Oriental dance

– Remuscler, toning the body dancing


– Cultivating learning the history of the Egyptian dance (the era of the Pharaohs to the present day)

Introduction to Bellydance With l’school of bellydance Bell'Masry e veil and other acessoria (fan veil fan or silk, Isis wings, melaya Alexandria, candles, duff and tambourine, sagattes, shamadan ou chandelier, rods and sticks, dual sticks)

(Français) Our belly dance classes are available from the following cities


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Oriental dance in Paris (paris 16eme, paris 15eme, Paris 14eme, paris 13eme, Paris 12eme, paris 11eme, paris 10eme, paris 9th, paris 8th, paris 7th, paris 6th, paris 5th, paris 4th, paris 3rd, paris 2nd, Paris 1is)

Oriental dance in Cesson, Vert-Saint-Denis, Holy place, Moissy Cramayel, Combs La Ville, St. Pierre du Perray, Savigny Le Temple, Saint Fargeau Ponthierry, Saintry sur Seine, Corbeil Essonnes, you Enon, Réau, Montereau on Le Jard, Crisenoy, Limoges Fourches

Oriental dance in Créteil, Maisons Alfort, Villejuif, Ivry sur Seine, Saint Maurice, Charenton

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