This rare animation France is very appreciated by the public for his virtuosity and power. The many figures qu'effectuent dancer strongly impress the audience.

How the service : The artist comes in and turns on itself with several major called skirts Tanoura. It executes various figures with Duffs or toras (cymbals hanging on fingers), then it creates different shapes with skirts that door belt around her hips.
Animation : The dancer takes Tanoura in his hands, and pass among the guests to involve.

most : The lights are on Tanoura look great in a subdued atmosphere.
derviche ONLY

Kareem GaD performs a benefit for a period of 15 minutes with its illuminated Tanoura.

Before or after the performance of the whirling dervish, dancers of folklore delight your guests with their playful choreography. They can make a pass with the lit candle on the head (Kshmadan). In the case of marriages, they may accompany the couple in their arrival to the throne and dance a passage with their sticks and their parts pretty costumes. Their costumes may be covering or 2 rooms.


To make the event even more memorable, during his performance, the whirling dervish may be accompanied by his musicians (4 traditional drummers). They play before the arrival of the dervish and during his performance. They make their solo instrument (derbouka, hana, sagattes). They make it even more powerful performance and end definitively take the guests in the East.