Bell’Masry Egypt tripfor belly dance lovers

Discover Egypt through Bellydance… Live the dream trip of the Bellydancer and of all Bellydance enthusiasts!


Live an exceptional week in Egypt
and come back with a thousand and one stars in your eyes!

Next trip : 2023 october

This year, the trip will take place from 23/10/2023 to 01/11/2023. During this extraordinary week, Taly and Kareem Gad will be your guides to live an immersive journey in Egypt, following  the rhythms of oriental dance classes, performances by oriental dancers and whirling dervishes, discoveries of local customs and Egyptian folklore, exclusive meetings with the stars of oriental dance, and tourist visits.

For the first time: Bell’Masry is going on a cruise on the Nile to discover the archaeological marvels of ancient Egypt.

The destiny of this trip: to enrich your dance, to grow, to be amazed, to be inspired, and to capture new vibrations… all in a friendly and festive atmosphere within a group of girls with the same desires as you.

Egypt trip – Programm

2023-10-23 to 2023-11-01

  • Dance class with Taly Hanafy and Kareem GaD with live orchestra
  • Dance lessons with Bellydance stars
  • Dinner show with the greatest Egyptian dancers according to availability (Aziza, Randa Kamel, Sahar Samara …)
  • An Amazing 5* 5 Day Nile Cruise
  • Cultural visits: Temple of Hatshepsut, Temple of Philae, Valley of the Kings, Temple of Abu Simbel…
  • Egyptian folklore show
  • Visit of the Khan El Khalili souk
    … All with Bellydance enthusiasts like you!


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Admire the bests dancers in Egypt
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A trip of a lifetime

We will be delighted to accompany you once again, to discover (or re-discover) Egypt, breathe its perfume, understand the soul of its people and the essence of its art.

Which Bellydance enthusiast has never…
… dreamed of learning with the best teachers in the country where this art was born?
… dreamed of shopping in the shops overflowing with Arabian Nights costumes?
… dreamed of admiring the Egyptian dancers and their live orchestra?

We make you discover Egypt through the prism of passion for oriental dance.
And this year, for the first time, Bell’Masry takes you on a cruise to discover the jewels of ancient Egypt: the Valley of the Kings, the temples of Abu Simbel, Hatshepsout, Philae…

A five stars cruise

Thanks to a flight Cairo>Luxor, we will join our boat. This cruise is literally a dream: going up the Nile to discover the 1001 archaeological wonders of ancient Egypt.
Aboard a 5-star boat equipped with a swimming pool and deckchairs, you will sleep in double cabins (single supplement possible).
The navigation will take us from Luxor to Aswan to meet the Valley of the Kings, and the incredible temples of Karnak, Hatshepsut, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Philae…
We will end in beauty with the vision of the Abu Simbel temple, saved from the waters in 1968.
You will also have the opportunity to fly over Luxor in a hot air balloon at sunrise.

Belly dance lessons with live band

During your stay, enjoy oriental dance classes with Kareem Gad and Taly Hanafy. These courses will be accompanied by orchestras of Cairote musicians for the greatest pleasure of your ears. In addition, you will benefit from the teaching of guest superstars in the middle of oriental dance. Their names will be announced shortly. Follow us on social networks.

Admire the bests egyptian dancers

We like to introduce you to the best Egyptian artists, and allow you to appreciate the ancestral art of oriental dance which has been passed down from generations of artists to generations of artists. The latest stars with Sahar Samara, Aziza, Camélia… follow in the footsteps of their elders Randa Kamel, Dina Talaat, Fifi Abdou.
Apart from the oriental dancers, we will also see a performance of traditional zar style music.